Payday: The Heist trailer shows a prisoner transfer gone wrong

Though it has "The Heist" is in the title, Payday is about more than bank robberies. Sure, there are still going to be the levels that involve breaking into a bank vault and stealing bags full of money (thus crippling the country's already precarious banking situation), but there’s more. Much more. Others go far beyond typical smash-and-grab operations, as the newly-released trailer shows off.

In the video, we see the players breaking a criminal out of a prison transfer and protecting the freed con as they work their way towards an epic rescue. Wait, actually, that's not fair, we shouldn't judge. We don't know for sure that the person they're breaking out of prison is guilty, he could be wrongfully accused. For all we know, that could be the point of the game – maybe we're taking money away from evil people, murdering crooked cops, or robbing malicious banks that refuse to give loans to those in need? Yeah, that makes sense. We’re the good guys in Payday: The Heist, this video proves it.

Oct 3, 2011

Hollander Cooper

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