Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door guide


GameCube | Submitted by Master of Games

Solve The First Mystery

Excess Express

When your on the excess express you have to solve a bunch of crimes so here's how to beat the first one. You'll be in the kitchen and soup will go missing so you have to solve the crime. Go in front of your room them go to the right and you will find stains. Go into the room beside you and look in drawer and then look in it the second time and you will find the soup.

GameCube | Submitted by Jake

Emergency Guard

You're out of health. One hit and you'll die, right? Not anymore. Switch to Koops. Unless you have the SHELL SHIELD put Koops in front. The Koopas mostly aim for the one in front. If you guard in time you'll preform the emergency guard.

GameCube | Submitted by marioexpert#1

How To Get A Lot Of Star Pieces

Anywhere on Pavement

After you beat the Great Tree in Chapter 2, you will get the Spin Jump. This lets Mario slam hard onto the ground when you press AA. Keep pressing AA and move around to find a part of the ground move up then down. When you are perfectly positioned, a crowbar flies and a star piece flies out. (For starters, there is one behind Zess T.'s House).

GameCube | Submitted by Dan the Hedgehog

The Great Tree Shop

After you've gotten to the great tree, go to the point where you meet Lord Crump (when he steals the Emerald Star.) Follow up the pipe he goes through and through the door. Then go straight to the left wall. Blow at it with Flurrie. It will be moved out of the way, and a room is opened. There are things like Mystery Gifts and Ice Storms in here. You also see a character that looks like a Mover in the Pit of 100 Trials.

GameCube | Submitted by Naushi Miskolar

Forced Fights


The folowing battles must be fought against your will, and

you cannot run away from them. battles marked with a

* are boss battles.

1. Lord Crump, battle 1( Rougeport)

2.Goomba Gang ( Rougeport Sewers)

3. Blooper ( Rougeport Sewers)

4.Fuzzies, Battle 1 ( Petal Meadows)

5.Fuzzies, Battle 2 ( Petal Meadows)

6.Gold Fuzzy ( Petal Meadows)

7.Red Bones ( Hooktail Castle)

8.Hooktail*( Hooktail Castle)

9.Shadow Sirens, Battle 1 (Boggly Woods)

10.X-Nauts, Battle 1 (The Great Tree)

11.X-Nauts, Battle 2 (The Great Tree)

12.Magnus Von Grapple* (The Great Tree)


14.Macho Grubba (Glitzville)

15.Doopliss, Battle 1( Creepy Steeple)

16.Doopliss, Battle 2* (Twilight Trail)

17.Embers, Battle 1 (Keelhaul Key)

18.Embers, Battle 2 (Pirate's Grotto)

19.Cortez* (Pirate's Grotto)

20.Lord Crump, Battle 2 (Keelhaul Key)

21.Smorg* (Excess Express)

22.Elite X-Nauts (X-Naut Fortress)

23.Magnus Von Grapple 2.0* (X-Naut Fortress)

24.Dark Bones (Palace of The Shadow)

25.Shadow Sirens, Battle 2 (Palace of The Shadow)

26.Gloomtail (Palace of The Shadow)

27.Grodus (Palace of The Shadow)

28.Bowser and Kammy Koopa (Palace of The Shadow)

29.The Shadow Queen* (Palace of The Shadow)


These forced fights are not part of of story mode.

30.Atomic Boo (Creepy Steeple0

31.Bonetail (Pit of 100 Trials)

GameCube | Submitted by Anonymous

Infinite Shop Points While Gaining Coins

Rougeport shop, Zess T's house

First you will have to have given Zest T. her new contact lense. Then buy a lot of dried shrooms at the shop in Rogueport for 2 coins each. Then cook them all into Shroom Frys at Zest T.'s. You can sell the Shroom Frys back for 5 coins, three coins more than you paid for the dried shrooms. Using this you can gain free shop points and three extra coins per shroom fry. Note: This trick only works once you have Zest T's cooking ability.

GameCube | Submitted by paper mario rules at the top!

Secret Place

Pougeport; rich west part

Go into the first house you see, transform into tube mode (the curse from chapter 4!) and roll into the hole in the wall upstairs.

GameCube | Submitted by Em

Zess Dynamite

To get the Zess Dynamite you have to make an egg bomb and a coconut bomb then combine the bombs to get the dynamite. The egg you can get from the great tree from the puni with the pink antenna if you were past chapter 2 and the coconut you can get from Keelhaul Key when you get to the bridge in chapter 5.

GameCube | Submitted by Vincent Nigro

How To Beat The Smorg

On the train to Poshley Heights (first time on the train)

You will need at least 3 Thunder rages. When it's your turn, use Thunder rage (it will take out all the Smorg miasmas). Then use Bobbery's Bomb attack - it should do 5 damage. Then on your next turn, use Mario's jump and Bobbery's bomb attacks. Once the Smorg grows more arms use Thunder rage. At 11 HP the Smorg will grow a big arm, but don't use Thunder rage. Use Mario's jump then use Bobbery's bomb(ON THE SMORG). It will do 2 damage. On your next turn use Mario's jump on the Smorg's arm and it falls off, then use Bobbery's bomb to do 5 damage. Then on your next turn use Mario's jump, then Bobbery's bomb, and then you beat the Smorg.

GameCube | Submitted by Devin

Three Coin Ripoff

Poshley Sanctum

When you get really far in the game there will be a few new jobs. The one with the person's name Bub, when you finish his job, he only gives you three coins. So don't do his job unless you need three coins.

GameCube | Submitted by Christina Theel

How To Get Ms. Mouse As Your Partner

After you complete chapter five, go to the troubles center, and look for a trouble called " Need a Badge ", and choose to help that trouble. Then, meet her on top of Zess T.'s house and talk to her. You have to talk to Ms. Mouse before you leave to do the task or it won't work! The badge she wants is in Hooktail Castle. The location is in the room where you fought Hooktail. Somewhere in the middle of the room is the badge, but it's hidden. You have to use Flurrie to find it. It's somehwhere in the middle of the room so it might take a while. After you find it, return to meet Ms. Mouse and give her the badge. She will then offer you to be your partner. Your reward for solving the trouble is a new partner. Good Luck!

GameCube | Submitted by Sasuke


Here's a list of all the partners.




The yoshi guy (you name him yourself)



Miz Mouze (secret partner)

GameCube | Submitted by Emmielito

Carry 20 Items

If you reach the 50th level of the pit of 100 trials, the big chest has an item called "strange sack." It can let you hold up to 20 items! Real help for some.

GameCube | Submitted by Paper Yoshi

3 Shine Sprites And A Spunia

Rougeport Sewers, West Side

After you get the boat "curse" from Chapter 5 and the Spring Jump from Chapter 6, go to the West side of Rougeport and slip into the sewers. Once you're there, drop off of the ledge near the platforms and dodge the Hammer Bro. Go into the pipe going down and go left. Dodge the Magikoopa and go down the stairs. If you don't have her out, pull out Flurrie and blow off the paper that's seems to be peeling off and DON'T go into the pipe. Go to the left of the pipe, into a hallway, and turn into a boat. Go as far right as possible, and go back to normal. You should see, 5 or 6 Spania, 3 Shine Sprites (You reach the one in the middle with a Spring Jump), and a Spunia on a ledge.

GameCube | Submitted by jay

Don Pianta's Office

After chapter 2 you will have to talk to Don Pianta to get a blimp ticket. Without my help, you would have to pay all your coins for this information. All you have to do is go to the item shop on the west side of Rougeport (the one with the Boo in it). Buy a dried shroom (2 coins) and a dizzy dial (12 coins) IN THAT ORDER!! If you did it correctly the Boo will ask you what the color of your mustache is. You must answer "yellow". Then she will tell you that she asked the wrong question and asks what your favorite color is. Once again, answer "yellow". Then she will say that you know the password and will let you go through a door on the left side of the room. Go through it and up the stairs to Don Pianta's office.

GameCube | Submitted by Delta 40/Green

Better Advantage On The Demon

Inside the Thousand Year Door while fighting the demon

Have all your members in the ultar rank, by the shine sprites, and the red orb thing, also have alot of BP. Go to the casino and win alot of coin, and buy alot of power smashes. Get some shrooms, and have them cooked, into fried shrooms. /:Choice:/ Get extra life shrooms, and have them plain, or cooked/./...ok, After you beat the X-naut Leader, and beat bowser...i hate that part, but you can't beat old school clashes...or can you, any ways, you better heal up, and save. Now you fight the demon, she first starts out as a black aura, then she takes princes peches body... the first time you fight , she doesn't really fight, but as soon as you think you win, she becomes invincable. When you get weak, you then get recovered by peach. Now you fight her but with your all. You better have a but load of FP though. And every time she takes in the darkness, get vivian, and hide in the ground. Don't forget your crystal stars, when you are in a bind use the blue one to regain health, and FP, or when you use up all, or most of your FP use sweet treat.

GameCube | Submitted by Christina Theel

Power Up Your Partners For The Second Ti

This is to power up your partners for the second time to make them even stronger. You have to have admiral bobbary to do this though. After you complete the chapter with the pirates and stuff, go and talk to Merlee. She will say that something is missing or something like that. Anyways, go to Hooktail Castle, and go to the room where you got the key to the black chest that gave you the ability to be skinny. At the far end of the room there should be a crack that you can blast open with bobbary. After you blow it up, go through the hole and it will lead you to a chest with the " up arrow ". Take this to Merlee and you will have the ability to upgrade your partners' attack and energy for the second time. It's quite some work, but believe me, it's worth it!

GameCube | Submitted by chainman24

Easy Way To Beat Hooktail

In Hooktail castle get the sond FX R badge. To do so, get the curse that lets you turn sideways to squeeze through bars. The badge makes all of Mario's attacks sound like crickets. since Hooktail is afraid of crickets, attacks will do more damage.

GameCube | Submitted by GamesRadar

Badge Shop

In Rougeport go to the Inn. Upstairs (where you sleep) you should see a door on the left part of the room. You will come out on the roof. Walk left and eventually you will find a door. Go in the door and viola! You've found the badge shop. Special Deals badges are on the counter, but if you don't see anything you like don't dispair. Talk to the mouse on the right and select "buy." There's a huge selection to choose from. You can also sell badges for HUGE amounts of cash.

Note: If there is no door in the Inn go to the trouble center and pick the "lost key" trouble. Talk to the person standing next to the house with the lock and he will tell you he left his key near the badge shop. Now the door will appear in the upstairs of the inn.

GameCube | Submitted by Cory Stroupes

Free Fortune Telling

When you go to Merlee, or Merlow or whatever, under the city of Rogueport to see where to go next, see where shine sprites are, or where star pieces are, you can get it free. Usually you have to pay, but follow this cheat and all your information will be free. First, save your game. Then, go see the fortune teller. When she asks you what you want her to see for you, choose the one you want. Then you pay. After you get your info, turn the game off and back on. You'll have your newly acquired information, and all you coins! It's a little time consuming, but it works

GameCube | Submitted by Kristal

Helpful Stuff

How to deal with Fuzzies:

If you're going into a particularly Fuzzy infested place, make sure you bring a few Fire Flowers. Use them in battles with more than one Fuzzy and you can toast 'em!

Paper Airplane problems:

If you can't seem to get the paper airplane flying right, here are some tips. You tilt left and right on the control stick to fly up or down. Left is up, right is down. Don't hold left the whole time or you will start plummeting down. Make sure you balance your flight by tilting left AND right.


Not all curses are bad. In fact, most of them are good! In the ruins of the thousand year old city below Rogueport, after traveling for a little while, you should finally come to an area with a block to hight to jump to that has a key on top. Keep going to the right. Hit the blue ! switch. The wallpaper should peel off and reveal stairs. Climb to the top, then walk off the side near the back of the screen. You should get the black key. Go back up the stairs and through the door. Talk to the chest. It says it's good, but really it isn't. But then again, it is, because it gives you paper airplane mode. After the chest finishes blabbing, talk to it again. You don't have to go get the key because you already have it! The chest says it's a curse, but it's more of a blessing. I forget the names of the places where you get sideways mode and tube mode. But all 3 of the modes are really handy. Hope it helps!

GameCube | Submitted by Connor Murry

How To Get Your Half Stolen Coins Back

Go into the back of mid Rogport. Go into a door a bandit will be inside talk to him and he will give your coins back

GameCube | Submitted by Aereo

Koops Body Guard

When you are battling Spinias Put Koops Ahead of Mario. When the Spinias strike it dosen't hurt Koops or Mario! It Works!


GameCube | Submitted by Dan the Hedgehog

Slow Moving Areas

In the game, there are multiple areas where you move slightly slower. A few of those places are on the boxes right to the right of Prof. Frankly's door. Also, on the east-east side of Rogueport (past the guard) if you use your paper mode and slip between the trouble center and the house on the left (Bobbery's house, a later partner) and jump in there, you'll be slightly slowed down. Also, in Flurries room and you jump on the long chair, you'll be slowed down there too.


GameCube | Submitted by Nesta Flagg

How To Get Yoshi


When you get to 15th place in the Glizt Pit the hotdog guy will have a loose egg on top of the hotdog stand. Get it and let it join your party. When you lose against the brothers in 10th place you will go to your room, the has egg hatched, and Yoshi is there.

GameCube | Submitted by Energeyser

Extra Damage With Power Smash And Jump

Once you can get to the west part of Roughport, go to the place with the slots. Buy tokens and buy the power jump and power samsh.

Note: each power smash and power jump are 12 tokens, so stock up.Then equip 3 of each and it will do extra damamge.

GameCube | Submitted by No Name

Easy Health In Keelhaul Key

Keeelhaul Key Beginning

When you first go to Keelhaul Key do not go right to the campground yet, go left and you will see a blue mole. Whack him with your hammer and he goes away. He will leave behind an item that will give you 25 HP and FP. Go to the campground and come back. He will be there again, and you can repeat this pattern. Once the blue mole starts singing that means this is the last time you can do this pattern.

GameCube | Submitted by Darkdude362

Recipe Book

Creepy Steeple

Zess T. makes recipes for you, but uses only one item. Go to the Creepy Steeple in Twilight Town and look around for a recipe book. There's a good chance you'll find it in Doopliss's Room on the top floor. Give it to Zess T. and he'll make you something using 2 items.

For example:

Honey Syrip and a Mushroom(Of any kind) will make a Honey Shroom, 5HP and 5FP.


GameCube | Submitted by Young

Funny Mole

In keelheal key.

When you get to keyhaul key go left. There will be a mole. Hit it with your hammer. go to the campground. Then go back to where the mole was talk to the mole and he wil ask you if he ate breakfast today.

GameCube | Submitted by Nicholas Oto

Original Mario

X-naut fortress

Go into the elevator and select sublevel 2. Then one of the doors has a nopen vent at the top so you can go in. Use the super jump and go onto the pipe, then go to the one on your right and fall in. When you come out you will look like the original Mario.

GameCube | Submitted by Lego6245

Lucky Start Badge

At the Creepy Steeple (4th Crystal Star) the boos that swarm you hold a secret. Use your spin hammer 3 times and the boos will form atomic boo. Defeat him to get the Lucky Start Badge. The Lucky Start Badge requires 4BP and it causes good stuff to happen (HP restore, Freeze enemies).


GameCube | Submitted by PaperMarioRocks

Extra Mario Costumes

Ok. Tired of the same old costume? Want to look like some other Mario Bro?Well you can look like Wario,Luigi,and Waluigi. To get Wario (this is a long one) go to rougeport square and find the guy with a mustache and buy a W Emblem. It cost 360 gold so save up. It is a badge that makes you look like Wario.To get Luigi go to the place where you get the 6th crystal star and keep using spring jump until you find it. You will have to use poles. And last but not lest Waluigi(super easy). Put on the W and L Emblem at the same time.

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