Paper Mario: The Origami King trailer reveals new levels and shows off new battle system

Nintendo has released a new, "closer look" video on Paper Mario: The Origami King, and it explores the new battle system, partners, and boss battles.

The trailer also takes a look at some of the levels we can expect to explore, like a forest spring, autumn mountain, ninja-filled mansion, underground sewer system, and desert oasis. All the environments look great, and it's exciting that there will be some open-world elements to The Origami King to allow for exploration.

Your foremost companion in The Origami King is Olivia, the king's defiant sister, but you'll also team up with a Magikoopa, Bowser Jr., a Bob-Omb, Toad, a little folding Bowser picture, and possibly more.

As we've seen in previous trailers, the new battle system is the biggest departure from previous Paper Mario games. What Nintendo calls its new "ring-based" battle system lets you position enemies strategically by rotating the rings that make up combat zones. You'll want to line up as many enemies as you can and choose from different weapons to maximize takedowns. 

You won't just be fighting Goombas and Spinies, you'll also be facing off against much more formidable bosses, which seem to be mostly giant office supplies. There's a colored-pencil set, a rubber band person, and a tape dispenser. Sounds a bit mundane, I admit, but once you see them in action you'll find Nintendo's trademark creativity is very much present in The Origami King's boss battles.

Paper Mario: The Origami King launches on Nintendo Switch July 17. Until then, feel free to watch the nearly six-minute trailer up top repeatedly like I just did.

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