Pandora Tomorrow: Pretty new PS2 pics

Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow sees the continuation of stealthy maestro Sam Fisher's incognito exploits. It's already proven itself to be a AAA performer on Xbox and will soon be gracing PS2 and Gamecube. Check out these latest screenshots of the PS2 version for a visual update on how the conversion is going.

Graphics and gameplay wise, the versions already released aren't that different from the original Splinter Cell (that's the prerogative of Splinter Cell 3 on PC). However, that's not the case with PS2, as Pandora Tomorrow does look significantly prettier than Sam's first outing on the console.

PS2 and Gamecube-exclusive content includes a new jungle mission, post-mission stats and scoring of your performance, new routes and a new 'lockpick' booby trap disabler. Plus, PS2's headset can be used for mission reports and communications with your command team.

Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow is out on PS2 on 10 June, followed by the Gamecube version on 1 July