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Sundance 2011: Paddy Considine talks exclusively to TF

tyrannosaur sundance 2011

Hours before the premiere of his directorial debut Tyrannosaur , TF favourite Paddy Considine sat down with Total Film in Sundance over a free Lime and Lemon soda to chat about his next project.

The Leaning , which Considine will write and direct, will be ghost story centred on the idea of legacies, "the thing people hang onto," according to the Dead Man's Shoes star, who tells us he's planning to start writing in the next couple of weeks.

It tells the story of young woman haunted by a childhood trauma who in adult life struggles to form meaningful relationships.

"Every time she gets close to somebody she feels this presence" Considine explains.

He plans to shoot the movie in England and says The Exorcist is a reference point for him.

But don't expect pea-puke and spinning heads - the dilema of the mother when she doubts her own daughter are more his inspiration.

Peep Show 's Olivia Coleman, who delivers a powerful and heartbreaking performance in Tyrannosaur, joins Considine in Sundance for the premiere, and when we caught up he hinted there might be a role for her in The Leaning .

"You'll have to audition though" he joked, before heading out to join the festival throng.