Pacific Storm: Allies

Oct, 29, 2007

Pacific Storm: Allies isn't your average World War II real time strategy, 2D strategy, or run and gun aerial shooter; it's all three mixed together. Like the original, you'll manage diplomacy, climb the tech tree, and produce units in its strategic map mode. But you'll also manage fleets and squadrons like an RTS in the field, with the option to take control of fighter planes or ship turrets for some arcadey dog fighting and gunning.

Expect an enormous amount of content with customizable battles, online versus and co-op, and campaigns that let you direct forces in the Pacific theater of the war. But unless you're already familiar with Allies' predecessor, Pacific Storm, it might take you a while to figure out what modes you like best and how much you leave up to the AI when it comes to strategizing, managing, and controlling your forces.

Serious strategy and simulation lovers won't mind Allies' heavy learning curve. But more casual gamers may find memorizing multiple sets of hot keys and learning how to navigate through the thick menus in the game's many modes too much of a challenge.

With so much going on, Allies' sheer density may be both its strongest and weakest point. Fans of the original Pacific Storm can expect to control the United Kingdom in addition to the United States and Japan this time around, with new diplomacy options which let you deal with Germany, the Netherlands, and the Soviet Union. But strangers to the series that liked Battlestations: Midway will definitely want to keep their eyes on this title as well.

Pacific Storm Allies is scheduled to set sail in January 2008. In the meantime, check out the latestimages and the new trailer below.