Pac-Man invades Super Mario Galaxy 2?!

Even though their careers have taken wildly different paths, it’s nice to see Nintendo tip their hat to its former rival, right? Well, it would be… if that’s what was actually happening here. But who cares?! Pac-Man's celebrating his 30th birthday and following last week’splayable Google treatment, we can’t help but see Namco’s Mighty Yellow Sphere indamn near everything! So what if it’s delusional? He’s the gaming equivalent of finding Jesus Christ in your burrito.

Above: There’s no way this is a Chomp, right? RIGHT?!

Working off this baseless assumption, we can irresponsibly speculate that money exchanged hands between Namco and Nintendo. Which must mean PAC-MAN IS A HIDDEN CHARACTER IN MARIO GALAXY 2OMGOMGOMFG!!1! Okay, pull it together GamesRadar… There's not a shred of fact in the above statement,but hey, it’s not as if the collaboration would be unprecedented.

This Happened: Namco’s Mario Kart GP for arcades featured Mr. Man quite prominently

Forgive me for posting this regardless ofmerit, but that madness above certainly was seriously the stream of thought careening through my brain as I sprinted into work to capture that shot from Mario Galaxy 2’s Chompworks stage. (Should’ve looked closer at the title, huh?)

Above: The Google Pac-Man game can still beplayedhere!

Can anyone blame me for having Pac-Man on the brain? Looking at theTop Grossing iPhone games, you did too, with both Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man shooting to the top of the charts following a 30th anniversary promotion. Andaccording to G4, people the world over logged nearly 5 million hours into Google’s playable Pac-Man. G4 went on to factor in the average Google user’s salary and came up with the equally impressive figure of $120,483, 800: The amount of societal productivity Google’s game cost in terms billable hours!

Oh well, E3 should yield more exciting (not to mention, factual) Pac-Man news. Sorry, reader. There’s no need to go looking for Pac-Man in Mario Galaxy. If you really want to see him, you need look further than our own:

Above: NASA heatmap of one of Saturn’s moons

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May 26, 2010

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