Watch Overwatch's first new character shoot her teammates with healing bullets

Overwatch's first new hero has been revealed: meet Ana Amari, a sniper who can heal allies from a distance, weaken targets, and put her foes to sleep. Like literally put them to sleep, with a dart gun - but she can also metaphorically put them to sleep by shooting and killing them. She's also Pharah's mom.

It looks like she's using that Prototype Biotic Rifle that Blizzard teased last week. Judging by the way Ana heals Pharah near the beginning and snipes Widowmaker near the end, it looks it imparts quick healing-over-time and damage-over-time effects. And while she'll lack the close-up stopping power of Widowmaker's sniper/assault rifle hybrid, that sleeping dart should be a good way to put some distance between herself and foes.

Ana is currently playable in the Overwatch Public Test Realm, which is only accessible on the PC version. Hopefully we won't have to wait too much longer for Overwatch's first post-release character to roll out on all platforms.

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