Overwatch 2 Lego set "paused" as Lego reviews partnership with Activision Blizzard

Overwatch 2 Titan Lego set
(Image credit: The Lego Group)

Lego has put plans for an Overwatch 2 set on hold in response to ongoing concerns regarding Activision Blizzard's workplace culture.

The Titan set would have been the first Overwatch 2 Lego product, following a series of sets that were created for the first game. According to a statement given to Brick Fanatics by Lego, the Titan set was postponed from its original release date in light of the Activision Blizzard lawsuit and ensuing revelations from current and former employees.

"We are currently reviewing our partnership with Activision Blizzard, given concerns about the progress being made to address continuing allegations regarding workplace culture, especially the treatment of female colleagues and creating a diverse and inclusive environment," the statement said. "While we complete the review, we will pause the release of a LEGO Overwatch 2 product which was due to go on sale on February 1, 2022."

According to previous retailer leaks, the Overwatch 2 Titan set would feature Tracer and Mei minifigures complete with their gear, as well as a model of a giant Titan robot - essentially recreating the Overwatch 2 reveal cinematic where the heroes square off against the towering foe in the streets of Paris. Winston is conspicuously absent, though you could always bring over his not-so-mini figure from the old Watchpoint: Gibraltar set if you didn't mind his kit being a little out of date.

We'll have to wait and see if these sets ever make it to the market, or if Lego decides to break off its collaborations with Activision Blizzard for the foreseeable future. Either way, we won't be getting Overwatch additions to the best Lego sets any time soon.

There isn't much encouraging news for Overwatch fans recently, as Blizzard also confirmed Overwatch 2 is no longer set to arrive in 2022.

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