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Overcooked 2: Winter Wonderland takes you on a festive, free tour of the year's DLC

The new Overcooked 2: Winter Wonderland update celebrates the holiday season the only way the game knows how: with a bunch of chefs struggling to make decent meals in ridiculously ill-suited conditions. The festive update for Overcooked 2 (opens in new tab) is available now on PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One, and it should give you and your family plenty of laughs (and maybe a few bitter arguments about who was supposed to chop the fries) during your holiday visits.

Winter Wonderland takes players on a festive tour of features that came to Overcooked 2 across the last year of paid DLC: Campfire Cook Off, Night of the Hangry Horde, and Carnival of Chaos. For instance, you'll have to cook up meals and feed them to the roving Unbread before they beat down your barricades like in Horde, but now they're frosted Christmas cookies. It's a free update for all players to enjoy and a tasty sampler of other levels you might want to try if you and the rest of your friends and family want to keep playing more. I'm almost disturbed by how clever that is as a business model.

The update includes five new kitchens, one representing Campfire Cook Off and then two each from the other two DLCs, and two new chefs. You can cook up five seasonal recipes, including roast dinners and hot chocolate, and take on legions of hungry cookies and candy canes with new seasonal foes for Horde Mode.

(Image credit: Ghost Town Games)

And you can do it all with style as you play as the Reindeer Chef or the (gonna be honest, pretty creepy) Present Head Chef.

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