"Our first and last God of War game"

God of War: Chains of Olympus developer, Ready At Dawn, has confirmed that the PSP game will be its "first and last" mark on the franchise.

Speaking on its site, the developer discussed the studio's future plans, revealing that it'll be leaving Sony's franchise - and the PSP - behind in its next project.

"Moving forward, we can confirm that Chains of Olympus will be our last PSP game," the company said, adding: "we can also confirm that this will be our first and last God of War game."

As for what's next for the developer, which also worked on the excellent Daxter on PSP, the company says it's "moving on to other projects and other ideas on other consoles," which couldn't be any vaguer.

Could we be seeing some full-on home console games from Ready at Dawn soon, then? After its long-standing relationship with Sony, our best guess can only be PS3.

Courtesy of CVG.

March 7, 2008