Original MGS revival in MGS4?

A new MGS 4 trailer hints at the revival of scenes from the original Metal Gear Solid game in this summer's PS3 blockbuster.

The trailer starts off like with retrospective footage of the original PS1 game, as Snake sneaks into the front of the Shadow Moses facility, before moving onto clips from the 2003 GameCube remake, and the Shadow Moses level in the recent Super Smash Bros. Brawl on Wii.

Then, it asks: "This year, MGS revived?" followed by Snake working his way through what appears to be an updated Shadow Moses scene.

This seemingly playable scene turns out to be a dream, as the trailer then flashes back to modern-day older Snake, who snaps out of a trance.

So will you be able to play the original game, or scenes from it at least, in MGS 4?

"All will be revealed in coming weeks," says a Konami spokesperson, keeping it all shrouded in mystery.

Check out the footage for yourselfhere.

Courtesy of CVG.

May 2, 2008