Ori and the Blind Forest trailer teases a beautiful adventure

Ori and the Blind Forest is just more darling every time I see it. Now that this new trailer is out, showing off everything from beautiful moonlit vistas to daring escapes through lava-filled corridors? Even more darling.

If you're not familiar with the platformer from Microsoft and Moon Studios, it stars a little white sprite who is (mostly) alone in the huge, mysterious forest. Roaming around will slowly reveal a vast, diverse territory to explore, as well as powerful Ancestral Trees which can imbue Ori with surprising new powers of traversal.

It's beautiful, but those tear-jerking looks hide an intense platformer. Fortunately, you'll be able to set your own checkpoints if a certain area is really getting you down, but be careful - you have a limited number to throw down, and you'll have to work to replenish them. Moon Studios hopes to modernize some of that classic platforming joy with the game, which it's been working on for four years.

Ori and the Blind Forest is set to release on PC and Xbox One on March 11.

Connor Sheridan

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