Order Up! - hands-on

Once your training shift is over, you get your paycheck and see that fast food employment isn't all it seemed to be in the movies. You need your own business. And thanks to a quick business loan, hopefully at a fixed APR, you end up with your own greasy spoon. Now you are not only the head chef, but you can also employ assistants, buy new equipment & menu items, and go to the Farmer's Market to buy secret, internationally exotic spices.

When you man your own kitchen, the orders just keep coming as the customers continue walking in. Hiring some assistants will help you manage this influx of hungry patrons. Just hand them that egg to cook, while you cover the fish in batter for proper frying. Most of your helpers are average at most things, but are perfect for certain assignments. One is great at frying, so maybe give him the fries instead of mashing potatoes.

Upgrading equipment also makes things easier, such as your upgraded stove that bakes a dish perfect every time, or the sharper knife for simpler carving. Plus, expanding the menu gives you more interesting dishes to prepare. You can only make a burger so many times and enjoy it.

After reaching enough goals, if you feel confident in your abilities, give the food critic a call and ask for a review. If he gives your diner apositive critique, then you can move on to the next restaurant, be the food Mexican, Italian or French. Order Up! gives the player a tangible feeling of working a grill thanklessly at a local bistro, except you can quit whenever you want, even without another job lined up. We look forward to putting on ourtoquesand getting ready for the lunch rush in late July.

Jun 5, 2008