Operation Darkness - hands on

Dec 27, 2007

While the 360 has been concentrating its success in Japan on a few key titles (Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Ninja Gaiden II), most everything else has been under the radar. However, that doesn’t mean there isn't some good stuff here. With this in mind, strategy RPG Operation Darkness should grab your attention: It has an “interesting” take on World War II (including demons and magical fireballs) that might pique gamers’ interest due to its nutty, screw-loose scenario.

And we mean that in the best possible way: the entire game refuses to take itself too seriously, which gives its appeal. Describing their own fictitious universe of WWII, developer Success takes us on a journey that will no doubt contradict your history books. We’re only a few missions into the Japanese version, but we can’t deny that we’re amused enough by the game’s wackiness to continue.