Open-world sandbox MMO DreamWorld hits early access in under two weeks

DreamWorld screenshot
(Image credit: DreamWorld Realities)

Upcoming sandbox MMO DreamWorld is releasing via early access in under two weeks.

Developed by DreamWorld Realities, the open-world MMO originally started as a Kickstarter campaign a year ago and is now due to be playable through early access on September 12. The game is labelled as a "community-driven sandbox MMO" that gives its players limitless opportunities to explore, interact, and shape the world around them. 

According to a press release, players who want to play the early access version of DreamWorld can do so for a limited-time promotional price of $19.99 before it goes back up to its regular $24.99 fee. If you want to try before you buy, the developer is also offering a 90-minute free trial for PC on the same date. Those interested in either of these options can sign up for email alerts via the DreamWorld website.

So what can players expect from DreamWorld? Well, not only will you have the ability to sculpt your world and create anything using a huge catalogue of objects, but you'll also be able to own your own properties, pets, and mounts which will come in handy when exploring the multiple unique biomes and procedurally generated world, and encountering bosses and fantastical creatures along the way. 

You won't have to do this alone, as DreamWorld will allow players to connect with friends using in-game voice chat, text, and emotes. To make your character stand out amongst the others, DreamWorld will also offer several customisation options and hundreds of craftable items. More content is also planned for the game in the form of regular updates after release. 

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