The one issue Deus Ex wont touch? Religion

The Deus Ex games have never been afraid to tackle sensitive or taboo subjects, so it seems fitting the latest instalment, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, will take on the Apartheid-esque theme of social segregation. And while Eidos Montreal is pushing the boat out even further with a narrative that will ebb and flow around your choices, there's one thing the Canadian studio won't touch: religion.

Just as it was quick to allay fears that the final game won't be as actiony as its reveal trailer, the developer is keen to stress that it's taken an agnostic approach to its storytelling. In the latest issue of GamesMaster, game director Jean-François Dugas explains why the decision was made to leave the dogma at the door. "One thing that we never touch on from the front is religion," he says. "The subject we’re tackling, it goes into religion from the aspect of do we choose to play God or not? But we try to keep it as agnostic as we can because the field is too sensitive. We also don’t want to be offensive in any way, or tackle something we don’t really understand ourselves. Instead we distill transhumanism, and what it does for human beings regardless of your beliefs."

So whileMankind Divided isn't afraid to ask the hard questions, there are some things that are just a bit too dicey to deal with. Still, news that you canghost the entire game without a single kill(or enjoy someshooting mechanics that are supposedly better than some full fat shooters) means there's still plenty here to keep the faith.

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