One Dragon's Dogma 2 boss has a hidden cutscene - but only if you drag their fight out for 2 minutes

Dragon's Dogma 2
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Dragon's Dogma 2 players have discovered an incredibly rare cutscene involving a late-game boss, which only plays out if you prolong the fight.

Be warned: Dragon's Dogma 2 story and boss spoilers follow!

Very late on in Dragon's Dogma 2, you'll face down against Raghnall, whom you met likely dozens of hours earlier in Capcom's massive RPG. As the player below shows, you can see a special additional cutscene featuring Raghnall, but only if you drag the fight against the character out for long enough.

TIL: you can prolong the fight with Raghnall to get an additional cutscene. from r/DragonsDogma

"I decided to go full-on pacifist mode with Raghnall by only parrying him since I didn't want to kill him," explains the player in a caption accompanying the clip above. If you can make the fight last roughly two minutes - which, to be fair, is a bigger challenge than it sounds - you'll get a surprisingly friendly cutscene with Raghnall, where he pledges to one day fight you again.

As the Reddit comments attest, it's pretty difficult to make the fight drag out so long because either party can be thrown off the ledges surrounding the arena to their deaths. "He knocked ME over the bridge, and the quest update claimed that I had run away from the battle because I had more important matters to deal with," writes one bemused player.

Don't be fooled into thinking you can get this scene if you use a Wakestone on Raghnall after you've killed him. There is a relatively small escort-based mission from him later on that mentions waking up from being dead, but other than that, Raghnall will just sit there and chill while you proceed to the rest of Dragon's Dogma 2's storyline.

Another issue with bagging the special scene is that you can easily be very overpowered by the time the fight takes place. One Reddit commenter claimed to have taken down Raghnall in just one hit when they were level 85, while another user reckoned others would find the fight manageable at around level 45. That's a massive gap, in all fairness.

Elsewhere in player discoveries, Dragon's Dogma 2 players are tackling Pawns over clifftops and using them as meat shields, all to prevent fall damage. "I suffered much injustice at the Arisen's hands" suddenly makes a lot more sense coming from Pawns. 

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