One brave Baldur's Gate 3 player drank all the Hag potions so you don't have to, and some of them are actually worth quaffing

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One brave Baldur's Gate 3 player has quaffed all those mysteriously named potions you can find in the Hag's lair so you don't have to, and it turns out that a couple of them are actually beneficial. Temporarily, at least.

The Hag is an optional boss in Act 1 of Baldur's Gate 3, and depending on when you meet her she might be one of the most difficult combat encounters in the whole game. (Check out our how to beat the Hag in Baldur's Gate 3 guide if you need help with that part.) Once the Hag is dealt with, you can go raid her den to pick up a ton of magic items, including ten potions that offer very little indication of what they'll do when you drink them.

In a Reddit post descriptively titled "I drank all the Hag potions in her den so you don't have to," a player going by the name of PartyRooster lays out the effects of all ten potions, from Broken Promise to Wilted Dreams. Given that the Hag's whole deal is promising magic boons that turn out to be pretty undesirable, it should be little surprise to see that most of these potions are very bad for you, but there are two notable exceptions. 

I drank all the Hag Potions in her den so you don't have to. from r/BaldursGate3

If you drink Heart of Stone, you'll get poison resistance until your next rest, and if you take Mother's Loathing, you'll gain access to the bite ability until that next rest. Yes, their usefulness might be undercut by the fact that they're only temporary, but hey, they are at least options.

Most of the bad effects are also thankfully just temporary, giving you things like internal bleeding for a few rounds or a debuff to wisdom until your next rest. Broken Promise is really the one you'll want to watch out for, though. Drink it, and you'll get a +2 bonus to strength until your next rest - at which point the buff will be replaced by a permanent -1 debuff to strength. Yikes. 

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