On the heels of Alan Wake 2's success, Max Payne remakes and Control 2 are picking up the "development pace"

Max Payne
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Springboarding off of metafictional horror Alan Wake 2, developer Remedy Entertainment has announced that its other bizarro shooters have "increased development pace."

The development tidbit comes courtesy of the studio's stock exchange memo, which is largely focused on Alan Wake 2's strong commercial performance. The long-awaited sequel reached 1.3 million copies sold by February 2024, according to Remedy, making it the studio's "fastest-selling game so far."

Alan Wake 2 still hasn't recouped its development costs, but the studio notes that the game, in two months, sold more than double what Control managed to sell in four months. Keeping in mind that Control went on to shift over 4 million units, the company has high hopes for Alan Wake 2's "long tail sales," especially after its incredibly strong reviews.

"The successful launch of Alan Wake 2 has supported our other game projects: Condor, Control 2, and Max Payne 1&2 remake have all increased development pace thanks to the personnel released from Alan Wake 2," CEO Tero Virtala explains. "We expect these projects to reach their next development stages during the first half of 2024."

My head is stuck deep into the Remedy Connected Universe, but let's run through the studio's pipeline for a refresher. Control 2 is, as you might have guessed, a sequel to 2019's supernatural shooter. Condor is a multiplayer project set within the same twisting, liminal offices. And Max Payne 1&2 remake has the studio returning to the dour revenge stories that made them a household name, in collaboration with series owners Rockstar Games

Remedy Entertainment also mentions that they have high hopes for Alan Wake 2's continued success due to some free updates and upcoming expansions that tie into the Remedy Connected Universe, which officially includes Control and unofficially includes the rest of their games (probably due to legal reasons.)

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