On-demand movies for PSP

Sony is preparing a digital video download service for PSP, enabling owners of the handheld to download movies to their PCs before transferring them to PSP for mobile viewage, according to a newspaper report.

The on-demand service, planned for launch early next year, will not require any upgrades to your PSP's hardware, says the Financial Times - apart from, perhaps, a stupidly big memory stick on which to store everything.

Sony, however, has stated that it hasn't confirmed any plans for a PSP movie download service, although that could mean little other than "We'd rather people not talk about it yet, since we haven't signed up many studios."

Interestingly, one of the big features inPS3's March 2007 updatewill also bring movie downloads to PSP, enabling you to watch your downloaded PS3 content on your PSP. Sony is desperate to convince gamers that PSP is more than just a gaming device - better movie support and availability than with UMD's poor showing would be a big step towards achieving that.

December 19, 2006

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