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Official Fallout 3 demake emerges from Bethesda's vault

No modern classic is complete without its own demake, and thanks to Bethesda's homemade Official Fallout Japanese RPG Demake, we now have a unique glimpse at the Capital Wasteland in all of its 8-bit pixelated, post-apocalyptic glory.

Posted today onBethesda's Blog,the game looks and plays identical to an early NESDragon Warriortitle, albeit with jumpsuits and super mutants in lieu of battle armor and slime. Written completely in Japanese, it's unclear just how much game there actual is to play, but judging from the slew of iconic locations, RPG battle sequences and seemingly complex menu options, it would appear enough to fill at least one or two lunch breaks.

It's unusual for a developer to take a stab at demaking its own game, but the Official Fallout Japanese RPG Demake does look to benefit greatly from its association with Bethesda.

The game can be played for free atBethesda's site.

Jan 3, 2011

[Source:Bethesda BlogviaRipten]

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