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Odama review

The ancient Japanese art of battle pinball. Wait, what?


  • A unique blend of two game types
  • Plenty to do
  • given your limited input
  • Always a challenge


  • The difficulty is unfair
  • Bad luck = you lose
  • When the timer runs out. Argh

Ikaruga. Know what it means? We'll give you a moment. If you're still stumped, then you probably don't care about Odama. The very definition of a niche title, Ikaruga is a game that few non-hardcore gamers know about, a top-down, GameCube shooter that's as challenging as it is beautiful -and it's very beautiful. The point is, if you didn't track down Ikaruga and then spend hours mastering each and every level of that punishing but polished game, then you probably aren't going to want to spend the time and effort it takes to deal with Odama's bizarre mixture of pinball and strategy either. It's in the same class.

More Info

DescriptionForget logic, just enjoy the strategic and arcadey fun, as pinball meets strategy.
US censor ratingEveryone 10+
Release date10 April 2006 (US), 13 April 2006 (UK)