Oblivion Extreme

Extreme Stunt: Tower of Power
Extreme Location: Arcane University
Extreme Gear: Acrobatics stat of 90+, 100 or more paint brushes, Strong Potion of Fortify Health, Boots of Springheel Jack, Ring of Acrobatics

Bouncing around rooftops and clambering up mountains is one thing, but we know you've looked onto the immense towers of the Imperial City with deep longing by now. What the hell is up there? What would the city and country look like from that high?

Wanna find out? Start collecting paint brushes. That's right; paint brushes. For some strange reason, they can't be equipped, but when you drop them, they'll float in place, providing a "mini step". Patches may have killed this hack by the time you read this, but you can reinstall the glitch will return - but keep your save files, of course.

Jumping onto a single floating paintbrush is tricky, so lay four or five across in succession, making a much wider section to jump to and stand on. You'll probably want to save every time you make a successful landing. Land your jump and do a 180 to set up another step. If you land and can't re-jump, it's a do-over, because you won't be able to gain the next step. And if you fall off completely, well... remember that save game thing?

Slowly but surely, you'll boost yourself up onto structures that were previously absolutely unreachable. To prove it was possible, we built a stairway up the side of the Arch Mage's tower at the Arcane University, watched a sunset from atop the dome of the Orrery. We kept going and eventually hit the tall spire of the tower. Congratulations - now it's time to drop off. It's at least 300 feet from the tippy top; experts only, please.

You can climb the Arch Mage's Tower in an evening, but what about White Gold Tower in the center of Imperial City? That'll take you all summer - but think of the awesome screenshots you'll take.