Oblivion Extreme

Extreme Stunt: Lava Leaper
Extreme Location: Planes of Oblivion
Extreme Gear: Master of Acrobatics (100+, Strong Potion of Healing

All of your nimbly-bimbly jumping about has finally paid off. As a Master of Acrobatics, you can now leap off the surface of water. How seriously cool is that?

Cool, but not very useful. Wait - what about the lava in the Planes of Oblivion? Sure enough, you can bounce off the molten surface. It stings - but with a fire resist item or two and a Strong Potion of Healing, you can bound across the fiery drink nearly indefinitely.

This will not only lead you to secret places and provide optional routes, but enables you to take down the tough residents of Oblivion with ease. Molten lakes and rivers are always nearby, so sprint past wandering guards and head straight into the blazing soup. Keep mashing the jump button and you'll be fine, but anyone pissed off (or stupid) enough to follow you in will immolate themselves in no time flat.

It's good to be the Master.