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Oblivion bear rolling passes time while we wait for Elder Scrolls V

Do you like being amused? If you said "yes" aloud to your screen, you need to watch this video (and stop talking to text, we can't hear you). And if you play Oblivion, you definitely need to try this and post more videos on YouTube.

The concept is simple: "Find a bear. Go to the top of a hill. Paralyze bear. Watch." Andthat's why we continue toplay and love open world games for so long... long enough to keep us entertained while we wait for the next one, which we sure hope Bethesda announces atE3next week. But until that happens, bear rolling.

Wait, what? Bear rolling doesn't do it for you? Well shit, how about deer punching?

(ThanksReddit!And yes, we know this is old. Shut it.)

Jun 9, 2010

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer