Objects of Gaming Hate

We’ve been slamming just about every hate-worthy topic in the gaming industry this week from theYouTube idiotsto the never endingconsole wars. But we’ve still got a lot of pet peeves up our sleeves. In fact, we still need to get a few things off our chest by venting our frustrations regarding our most loathed objects of hate. Some of them are people: rude boys lurking in team-based shooters out there in cyberspace. Some are more tangible, like the Red Ring of Death that drills a hole through our souls with its stone cold stare. All of them seriously piss us off.

Console Crash

Remember the pain of trying to get your old NES cartridges to play? Everyone had their own ritual for loading up those old 8-bit classics, which usually involved a combination of blowing into the cartridge and mashing it down with a collection of crumpled bits of cardboard. The generation of consoles that immediately followed put this need for rain dances and voodoo magic to rest. You just put your cartridge or disc in, turned it on, and that was it. You were playing the game you bought and everything was as it should be.

But technical errors are experiencing a bit of a renaissance with modern consoles and it drives us nuts. Sure, we want online functionality, backwards compatibility, and the hottest graphics. But for our hard-earned money, we want it all to work right out of the box too.