Nowhere To Hide review

This self-consciously stylish Korean chase-movie has already been flattered by comparisons with Run Lola Run and The French Connection, but don't be fooled - - if you like your cinema to make even an ounce of sense, then you'll find Nowhere To Hide a virtually weightless affair.

The most solid thing about it is the central performance by Park Joong-Hoon, who plays brutality-prone cop Detective Woo, hot on the trail of a disguise-donning gangster-murderer (Ahn Sung-Kee). Joong-Hoon brings humanity and comedy to his role, so that despite the regular beatings he dishes out on his suspects, he's actually quite likeable.

But director Lee Myung-Se is more concerned with impressing you with his visual `flair' than focusing on his characters. The plot, meanwhile, is so paper-thin, Myung-Se tears it to shreds within the first five minutes. Which, unsurprisingly, makes this quite boring.


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