Nolan North and Troy Baker have "worked on so many things together

If it's a game, there's a good chance either Nolan North or Troy Baker have added a voice to it. The two prolific voice actors have become the industry's equivalent of Hollywood celebs, headlining some of the biggest games on PlayStation and beyond. In the latest issue of Official PlayStation Magazine, Nolan North sits down to discuss life as a voice actor and mo-capper. But first questions first - does North get a little sick of people asking about Troy 'Joel from The Last of Us' Baker joining him for Uncharted 4: A Thief's End?

"No. We hear this all the time, we always just laugh about it," he says. "And quite frankly, it’s work and it’s great for both of us. I think it’s a good dynamic to have in there. My gosh, we’ve worked on so many other things before together, and people don’t realise. Transformers – we were in whole levels running around together. And in Saints Row IV."

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