No Time to Die confirms a Bond character’s sexuality

No Time to Die
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Warning: If you haven’t seen No Time to Die, look away now. Spoilers follow!

No Time to Die has seemingly confirmed the sexuality of a major Bond character in a minor moment you may have missed.

During the hunt for Safin, Bond and Moneypenny rock up to Q’s flat in search of a way to go face-to-face with Blofeld. He’s currently being held at Belmarsh prison, and Madeline Swann is the only person he sees.

Q replies – with some exasperation, even for Q – that he’s got a dinner date and "he" will be arriving shortly.

While that doesn’t outright confirm Q is gay – he could be bisexual or pansexual, for example – he’s most definitely not straight.

It’s a shift for the character but, because of 007 interrupting his dinner plans, we never get to see Q’s partner. As Q puts it: saving the world is not quite a nine-to-five job.

Q actor Ben Whishaw has also been speaking about the winds of change blowing through the series after Daniel Craig’s departure from the iconic role.

"If they want to continue with this character and the franchise, I think you can explode it and do anything," Whishaw told the Just for Variety podcast. "I don’t know what that should be, but it seems to me like it should be something quite radical, something really different. It’s got to change; it’s got to keep changing. We’re in different times now."

If you want a closer look at those ‘different times’ then check out our complete breakdown of the explosive No Time to Die ending. We’ve even got out our crystal ball to see who is the best fit to play the next James Bond.

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