No Resident Evil till 2008

The producer on Resident Evil 5 has in a translation of a translated interview hinted that Resident Evil 5 might not appear until late in 2008. Talking to Japanese mag Famitsu Xbox 360 (via German website Gamefront and Babelfish), Jun Takeuchi, the man behind the next-gen survival horror title revealed the delay in development.

While he didn't give a reason for the go-slow, Takeuchi-san revealed that the team were concentrating on ensuring that the game ran at 60 frames per second and that heat and cold would play a major role in the game's mechanics, particularly affecting when and where creatures would attack.

Regardless of some of the detail being lost in the multiple translations, the interview does seem to fit with the recent rumours emerging from Capcom, which hinted at the game still being at the storyboard stage. Whatever happens, we'll bring you more info on Resident Evil 5 as soon as we get it.

December 22, 2006