No Man's Sky Living Ships update adds bio-organic spacecraft you can grow from an intergalactic egg

(Image credit: Hello Games)

No Man's Sky is releasing its next monthly update this week, and it's taking the space sim in bold, bizarre new directions. 

Entitled the Living Ships update, Hello Games' incoming patch, launching for free across PC, PS4 and Xbox One later today, will introduce a number of new features to No Man's Sky, centered primarily around the new spacecraft of its name.

A press release from Hello Games reveals that these Living Ships can be discovered by players as galactic eggs found across the galaxy, capable of being nurtured into fully flyable spacecraft that "look and move like nothing else in the universe."

In addition, the update will also introduce more points of interest and NPC encounters to liven up player exploration in No Man's Sky, alongside a number of quality-of-life improvements that can be read up on in the full set of No Man's Sky patch notes here.  

Don't worry: Hello Games is still working on larger, more game-changing updates like No Man's Sky Next and Beyond in the background to these smaller content drops, but the studio is hoping that the Living Ships addition is the start of more regular, experimental patches that can keep players busy while they wait for the longer term revisions to the game. 

Hopefully, we'll hear something about that later this summer, in keeping with No Man's Sky's post-launch roadmap so far. 

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