No Man's Sky gets a June 21st, 22nd & 24th release date across US, EU & UK. For reasons...

Sony has finally pinned down No Man's Sky (opens in new tab) to a June 24th release date, after previously only offering the slightly more wooly 'June'.

There's no word yet on the price which seemed to cause some consternation earlier in the week when a leaked listing apparently pinned it at $60. The argument apparently being over the idea that indie games should cost indie money.

I've actually played No Man's Sky (opens in new tab) and it certainly doesn't feel like a cheap game. Although, given its scale, the few minutes I spent with it made it impossible to say anything about it other than 'it definitely exists'. The scale and ideas it's promising are huge, and correspondingly require way more than the half an hour I had to really get any fell for it.

Whether or not Sony lets anyone get the kind of time a game of this scale needs talk about with authority before that release remains to be seen.

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