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Nintendo’s secret New York party!

Ubi, Konami and several other contributors jumped aboard too, courting many a guest to the swanky Nintendo World Store in New York City. I was lucky enough to attend the evening party as well as the Saturday event which was open to the public. Problem is, 8,000 people showed up to a store that can only house 400 at a time. Guess that means people will be...

Above: ...waiting in line overnight despite the horrendous weather!

Above: Finely dressed individuals enjoy drinky drinks and yet-to-be-released Wii and DS titles like Castlevania Judgment and Rock Revolution

Above: The red carpet drew Nintendo staples Mario and Luigi, but before long attendees also got to mingle with...

Above: ... Mark-Paul Gosselaar of Saved by the Bell/NYPD Blue/Raising the Bar fame. Seen here posing with GR production editor Carolyn Gudmundson

Above: Heading up the stairs leads to even more Nintendo goodness, from Rabbids kiosks to a mini museum.

Above: Did you know the NES almost looked like this? It was cassette-based, called the Advanced Video System and only shown once in public

Above: Here it is in all its glory – keyboard, infrared controllers and something vaguely resembling the Zapper

Above: Longtime Nintendo Power readers should remember this Game Boy damaged during Desert Storm

Above: If three or four DS Lites aren’t enough, you could choose one of the 19 seen here under glass

Above: It’s Pikachu barely cramming into an elevator. So what?

Next page – Day two draws thousands, and cosplayers abound!