Nintendo's Geometry Wars: First pics

As these first images of Geometry Wars: Galaxies can confirm, the hit Xbox Live Arcade retro-esque shooter is heading to Nintendo's Wii and DS systems this autumn.

Developed by Kuju - the original Geometry Wars was created by Project Gotham creator Bizarre Creations - the Nintendo-based version will feature all new multiplayer and single-player modes.

Galaxies builds on its predecessor's simple-but-stunning gameplay by adding a mission-based campaign. There's quests to battle through, solar systems to defend and new enemies to blast into smithereens over both newly created and classic stages. By collecting "geom" currency you'll also be able to beef up your Battle Drone. What do you mean you don't know what that means? Of course, the two editions will be tailored to the nuances of Wii's remote and nunchuk, or the DS touch-screen.

Multiplayer sees both hot seating and simultaneous play modes. Versus will no doubt be suitably chaotic, but we're intrigued and excited to see how the promise of co-op Geometry Wars action works out. And if you buy both versions, you can link the two systems up and unlock bonus content - though it'll have to be some pretty good bonus to make picking up two effectively identical games seem worthwhile.

May 25, 2007