Nintendo steps up online push

Nov 28, 2007

Nintendo is showing signs of moving a up a gear in the online department as it teams up with Japanese telecoms provider, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp (NTT), to promote Wii's online capabilities in Japan.

The firm is regarded as the trailing party against Microsoft and Sony when it comes to online integration and gaming, but this new deal is part of Nintendo's effort to boost the Wii's online service, in preparation for the launch of WiiWare (known as Wii Software in Europe) - a new game download service - next year.

NTT will offer discounted internet start up packages and set-up help for Wii users, in the hope of utilising the Wii's fast-growing user base to help boost the penetration of its fibre optic internet service.

NTT East senior exec VP, Tetsuo Koga, said: "I hope our fibre-optic service becomes as popular as the Wii. I think we have won a powerful ally to hit our target to boost fibre-optic subscribers to 20 million by the year ending March 2011."

Online Mario Kart here we come!

Courtesy of CVG