Nintendo rules out the possibility of an official Bowsette, but she's real all the same

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In our heart of hearts, we all knew Nintendo would never officially acknowledge Bowsette as part of Super Mario canon. The fan-created Bowser transformation, inspired by the Super Crown item in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, was too sexy from the very start, when Malaysian artist ayyk92 envisioned a Bowser-Peach hybrid that would turn Mario's classic love triangle on its head. In an update to the official game website, Nintendo has crushed all dreams of universal Super Crown usage, saying "Sorry Luigi - only Toadette can use this item!" But even without Nintendo's blessing, it's safe to say that fans have made Bowsette a permanent part of the Mario zeitgeist through sheer willpower. 

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Before you rush off to Google or sketch 'Luigette' in response to Nintendo's dig at its perpetual stooge, consider how quickly Bowsette took hold on social media, got her own Wikipedia page, and spread like wildfire among the most creative (and/or horny) Super Mario fans. Within days of the original comic, an immeasurable amount of fanart and cosplay done by artists from around the world was bringing Bowsette to life, solidifying her place in Mushroom Kingdom fandom. She wasn't just a flash in the pan, either - we'd go on to see Bowsette modded into Breath of the Wild, custom fighters modeled in her honor for Soul Calibur 6, and the inevitable, hastily produced Bowsette porn parody, among many more tributes. From Bowsette's popularity came Boosette, an anthropomorphized, gender-swapped version of a post-Super Crown King Boo, who also took hold with fans in record time. 

The proverbial cat is out of the bag with Bowsette, and the best Nintendo can do at this point is pretend not to acknowledge her existence. It makes total sense from a PR perspective; Nintendo is known for making family-friendly games, which doesn't much jive with the presence of a buxom, dragon-tailed dominatrix (then again, Disney somehow signed off on Jessica Rabbit, so anything's possible). But even if Bowsette isn't a canonical part of the Super Mario crew, she's become an irrefutable element of Nintendo culture, just like how Sonic the Hedgehog fans will always be creating new, furry friends with every name in the English language. 

What I'm trying to say is that canon can never hold back the righteous power of fan creation and collaboration - so keep on rocking, Bowsette buffs. And there's so much inspiration left in the Super Crown - just look at these amazing concepts from artist Tsingeli, which have garnered 43,000 likes (and counting) in just two days: 

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