Nintendo Direct reveals new Luigi's Mansion 3 floors and multiplayer "Party" mode

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Today's Nintendo Direct revealed a few new floors of the hotel in which Luigi's Mansion 3 takes place, as well as a new competitive multiplayer mode that lets 2 to 8 players duke it out in teams on one Switch system.

The newly unveiled environments are more diverse than we've come to expect from franchise history. Tomb Suites is a sandy, booby-trap-filled pyramid housed inside the hotel (just roll with it) with mummies alongside ghosts. Then there's a neon-lit disco hall I can't imagine being very spooky, and a pirate-themed restaurant. Luigi's Mansion 3 is either breaking some dimensions or this is the most impressive themed hotel ever.

As for the new multiplayer mode, it's called ScreamPark, and it pits teams of Luigis against their more malleable brethren, the Gooigi team, in various mini-games that look like concepts for Luigi Party. There's one where you're competing to vacuum-up the most ghosts in a graveyard, collect the most coins in vacuum-charged pool floaties (again, roll with it), and break the most targets using canons atop a medieval looking castle.

ScreamPark mode lets you face off in one-on-one battles all the way up to teams of four, so there's a maximum of eight players that can player together on one Switch system. Similar to Mario Party, each player can use a single Joy-Con to participate in the variably spooky festivities.

The presentation closes out by reiterating Luigi's Mansion 3's October 31 release date, "just in time for Halloween" - I'd prefer it come out a week before Halloween to really help soak up the season, but what do I know?

Luigi's Mansion is a great way to celebrate Halloween, but there are also less PG games to play during the season of the witch - here are the 20 best horror games of all time. 

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