Nintendo Direct leak claims new show is coming next month

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A Nintendo Direct that will “focus on [Nintendo's] remaining lineup for this year" and early 2022 games is rumored to be taking place next week.

Known leaker Zippo Speaks has stated that they’ve been told by multiple sources that "Nintendo is preparing a new general Nintendo Direct for next month." Although not officially announced yet, the direct will supposedly take place in September and will focus on [Nintendo’s] remaining lineup for this year and will give us peeks at early 2022 games.”

Although, as Zippo Speaks themselves writes, fans should "hype at your own risk" there’s actually some supportive evidence behind this theory. We all know that Nintendo fans are always excited for a direct, however, the term Nintendo Direct did trend on Twitter today with many fans realizing that Nintendo has hosted some kind of presentation every September over the last five years. 

As Twitter user and video game enthusiast, Stealth shares, Nintendo has held a direct every September starting with a Nintendo 3DS direct on September 1, 2016. Following this, they also hosted a Nintendo Switch and 3DS focused direct on September 13, 2017, another similar one on September 13, 2018, a Nintendo Switch exclusive direct on September 4, 2019, and two in September 2020 including a Mario Direct and a Partner showcase.

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Unfortunately, there's no official word about a future Nintendo Direct a, so although it makes a lot of sense to expect some kind of showcase next month, it’s still wise to take these claims with a grain of salt. 

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