Nintendo confirms that SNES Classic US pre-orders will start in late August

Pre-orders for the pint-sized SNES Classic will begin in late August in the United States, according to a post on Nintendo of America's official Facebook page. Good news if you were starting to worry that it would just be a release-day free-for-all, but it does mean several more weeks of not knowing if you'll be able to grab one in time. The system still has a planned release date of September 29.

As you may already know, the supply situation for NES Classic was dire. And it looks like demand will be at least as strong for it successor. It's bad enough that I've already made peace with knowing I'll never get one, despite having a deep love for the Super Nintendo at the core of my being. If, knowing all that, you still plan to brave the pre-order frenzy once it goes live…

Make sure you stay tuned to our SNES Mini pre-order page for the best places to snag a system in the US and UK.

Connor Sheridan

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