Ninjatown - EXCLUSIVE hands-on

So that old guy in charge just floats up in a balloon the whole game?

Oh no, he just chooses to act in limited doses. As you defeat more enemies, you charge up the Ol’ Master Ninja's walking stick. Charge it enough and you can pull off special moves that not only help the ninja fighters down below, but take adept advantage of the DS's tools.

With the Hickory Lunge, for example, the Ol’ Master Ninja dives from the sky and destroys as many fiends as he can. You activate the move by tapping as many enemies on screen as you can within three seconds. With the Get Off My Lawn move, the Ol' Master Ninja uses wind power to blow the Devils in any direction he wants (preferably away from the center of town). All you have to do is blow into the DS Mic continuously for ten seconds and direct the gust with the D-pad.

Above: The Game's Trailer

When can we move there?

Not yet, little one. Ninjatown seemed on good track from what we saw, but it isn’t scheduled to open its gates until the end of the year, probably around November. For now, enjoy the adorablenessousity and wait. After all, patience is a ninja’s greatest virtue.

Jun 11, 2008

Henry Gilbert

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