Ninja Gaiden Sigma unsheaths screens and trailer

Friday 22 September 2006
Ninja Gaiden Sigma developer Tecmo has released a trailer and a mere three screens of its upcoming PS3 super-edition: check the movies tab above to see it in action, or images for some crisp new views.

Veterans from the game's Xbox editions may wonder what all the fuss is about, seeing as much of the footage doesn't look severed-head and shoulders beyond the stonking original, but Tecmo claims the game is only 20% complete, with plenty of time before its vague Japanese 'spring' release to throw every PS3 effect they can at it.

Above: Newly playable character Rachel looks more than capable of holding her own - erm, no innuendo intended

Certainly the moments of the trailer that are unique to Sigma - Ryu's new two-sword technique and Rachel making short work of red demons - are looking suitably polished: Ryu may have his work cut out for him keeping up with the new PS3-rendered curves of his partner in baddie-pulping.