NightSky preview a physics-based platformer from the developers of Cave Story

Known for 2D platformers like Cave Story and VVVVVV, developer Nicalis is making a name for itself with its own take on the classic genre. Along with VVVVVV (preview here) , Nicalis is now bringing another previously PC-exclusive title to the 3DS eShop, stylish physics-based platformer NightSky.

Unlike the distinctly retro-look of VVVVVV and Cave Story, NightSky's visuals are entirely modern, with a shadowy look that reminds us of Limbo quite a bit. Instead of a little boy though, you control a simple, unassuming sphere as you navigate various platforming challenges.

At times, NightSky feels like a 2D version of Marble Madness on NES, where you must carefully gauge the inertia and trajectory of the sphere to progress through various obstacles that require precise movements. NightSky adds a twist though by changing up its own rules from level to level; for example, in one level you might have the power to flip gravity upside-down like in VVVVVV, while in another you might not even have direct control over the sphere. During our demo, we played an area where watched the sphere roll on its own and had to carefully time the application of friction to slow it down at key moments to make it through the level.

If you haven't yet checked it out on Steam, NightSky might be worth a look when it becomes available on the eShop early next year.

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