Night Of The Demons review

A fun and gory remake of a lesser-known 80's horror

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“Eat a bow l of fuck, I am here to PARTY!”

The 1988 possession flick Night Of The Demons compensated for artistic flaws by having balls: Linnea Quigley doing weird things with make-up, gruesome ghouls savaging Halloween partygoers.

It’s no Evil Dead but it ticks boxes for Friday night frights.

Adam Gierasch’s unnecessary but fun remake nails the tone, a sepia scream/ squirm intro kick-starting 90 minutes of thirtysomethings playing teens, lesbian Elvira wannabes and Edward Furlong splattered with latex gore.

Plus a cameo from Quigley, who leaves the make-up oddities to Diora Baird.

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