Nier Automata creator thanks fans for their terrible and lewd artwork

Nier Automata
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Since Nier Automata launched in 2017, fans of PlatinumGames's brilliant action RPG have expressed their love for the game in various ways, including cosplaying as its characters 2B, 9S, and A2 or featuring them in their very own works of art. As with all fan creations, these can range from artistic masterpieces to almost incomprehensible squiggles, but Nier Automata's enigmatic game director Yoko Taro loves them all, including those that are most definitely not safe for work.

In an interview with Pocket Tactics, Taro was asked if he ever expected the art community to recreate the game's characters in so many ways. He responded, "I am nothing but grateful for all the art that people drew. It is not just the well-drawn stuff, either. All the art is great, including the lewd stuff and the badly drawn ones too."

Elsewhere in the interview, talk turned to the story of the woman who used Tinder to
convince people to buy Nier: Automata
. "I saw that news and thought I might start a Tinder account too." Taro said. "A Nier dating app would be cool, but I don't think I would be allowed to join it, so I have given up on the idea.” He previously gave a virtual thumbs up to the woman's actions, retweeting the story and adding "Glory to mankind."

It turns out that Nintendo's console might be the best place to play Nier Automata. The new Switch port is being hailed as a "miracle" by reviewers, particularly for its impressive frame rate. 

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