The woman who used Tinder to convince people to buy Nier: Automata gets approval from Yoko Taro

Nier Automata
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The Nier: Automata fan that once used Tinder to convince people to buy the game now has Yoko Taro's blessing.

In a recently published story by Kotaku, Nier: Automata fan Jen shares the story of how she used to "roam around on Tinder and get guys to buy Nier: Automata and then ghost them." In the story, Jen explains how it's been a couple of years since the Tinder antics took place, but by the end of it, she had roped 22 men into buying the Square Enix title. 

"I mostly just talked a lot about [Nier: Automata] and recommended the game," Jen's original tweet reads, "high sales means more Taro games." Following Kotaku's story, Nier: Automata director Yoko Taro quote retweeted the story, simply adding: "Glory to mankind." We're not entirely sure if this means he approves of the devious practice or just liked the story, but hey, if it means more game sales, we're sure he's got to be somewhat pleased with the Tinder tactic. 

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This is just one of the recent goings on in the Nier: Automata community, with many fans probably still recovering from the Nier: Automata secret church mystery. If you don't know, last month it was thought that Yoko Taro's action-RPG was hiding a previously off-limits area which sent fans into a frenzy to find out what the new building was hiding. It later turned out to be an elaborate marketing scheme for a new mod after a very tense and exciting few hours for the Nier: Automata community.

In other Nier news, earlier this summer, it was announced that Nier: Automata is coming to Nintendo Switch this October. According to the game's official Japanese Twitter account, the Nier: Automata Switch port promises 30 FPS in docked mode at 1080p and in handheld mode at 720p. The only people that aren't entirely happy with the announcement are Kingdom Hearts fans who are a little bitter that Nier Automata is getting a full Switch port, whereas their beloved series only got cloud versions. 

Still can't get over the Nier Automata secret church mystery? Find out how it even came about with our interview with Sadfutago: The story of Nier Automata's secret church, straight from the modders who made it.

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