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NGamer, the UK's only independent Nintendo magazine, is relaunched today as Nintendo Gamer

NGamer – the UK's only independent Nintendo magazine – has rebranded, expanded and had a makeover, and is on sale today under its new name: Nintendo Gamer.

The new magazine is a 148-page behemoth of Nintendo knowledge, boasting everything from the latest reviews (including Resident Evil: Revelations – 3DS's first must-have game of 2012) to in-depth retro features (this month, Body Harvest and Drill Dozer are among the titles under the microscope). It's also compiled everything you need to know about Wii U, and gathered the best (and strangest) Nintendo fan activity from around the globe, from Metroid II remakes to Mario-themed wedding invitations.

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With all-new regular features and the finest Nintendo writers in the business, Nintendo Gamer is a must for fans of any of The Big N's consoles, past and present. And not only is the magazine bigger and better than its predecessor, it's also cheaper, at a mere £4.50. At just 3p per page, that's good news for Nintendophiles who are feeling a little cash-strapped after Christmas.

Available now in store, online and on Apple Newsstand from £2.99