Next Saint's Row welcomes a new principal writer with Dead Space 2 and Ubisoft credits

(Image credit: Volition)

The next Saint's Row game has a new principal writer on board.

Developer Volition welcomed Jeremy Bernstein to the team when he made the announcement over the weekend. While we still don't have any official details about the next Saint's Row - with Volition keeping hush hush on anything more specific than "it's coming" - at least we know it has another writer now?

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Bernstein has previously written for both video games and TV. His credits in the former category include The Crew 2, For Honor, and Dead Space 2, while his credits in the latter include episodes of The Dead Zone, Leverage, and The Librarians.

He also wrote a comic book series called Santa Claus: Private Eye, so he should already have the Saints Row series' irreverent humor all sorted out. I mean, Saints Row 4 had an entire DLC called How The Saints Save Christmas - I am going to be very disappointed if this new game doesn't become the new industry standard in holiday expansions.

Bernstein explained in his Twitter message that he's planning on moving to Champaign, Illinois to join the Volition team, so he isn't just doing short-term contract work on this project or anything. He will be a guiding voice in shaping the narrative for the next Saints Row.

Hopefully we won't have to wait too much longer to hear about that narrative, and the rest of the game, for ourselves. Publisher Deep Silver teased back in 2019 that it will have more details to share about the next Saints Row sometime this year, and we're almost halfway through 2020 already.

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