Newsarama is joining the GamesRadar team

(Image credit: Future)

From Monday, June 1, highly respected comics site, Newsarama will be joining the GamesRadar family.

The Newsarama team will deliver their usual best-in-class daily comics news, insight and opinions from a new URL - - from Monday. 

Newsarama has been sister sites with GamesRadar as part of the Future PLC network for over two years, and this is the next stage of its evolution. The site joins Total Film, SFX, Official PlayStation Magazine, RetroGamer and Edge magazines as part of the GamesRadar+ team. 

Newsarama Founder and Editor-in-Chief Michael Doran said: “There is a huge crossover between comics, video games, film and TV, so Newsarama becoming part of the bigger GamesRadar site makes total sense from a content perspective, as well as giving us a massive boost in terms of audience reach." 

"It means more people will be able to find our content, we’ll be able to deliver better reach for our clients, and thanks to the bigger team and improved support, we’ll be able to expand and improve the way we report and deliver our daily content.”

Sam Loveridge, Global Editor-in-Chief for GamesRadar, said: “We’re delighted to welcome the Newsarama team and their excellent coverage to GamesRadar. Michael and his team are experts in their field, and we know our audience loves the universes, characters and stories that crossover from comics to wider entertainment. We can’t wait to add in-depth comics reporting to the site and help develop this incredibly exciting chapter even further.”

From Monday, GamesRadar will feature all the best stories from Newsarama’s archive and new content will be delivered daily from the new site. 

Stay tuned, comic book fans...

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