New way to get people to play your game: kidnapping

The press release makes it sound more exciting than it actually is, ie. illegal. But it's a new one on us: to promote the launch of Alan Wake in Australia, a group of gamers were kidnapped, driven to the most haunted place inOz and then 'made' to play the game, while connected to a heart rate monitor.

Above:One of the unfortunate 'victims' tries to hide his fear behind a smile

Described as The Alan Wake research project, presumably because it took place in an abandoned hospital and the subjects were 'tested on' this is one of the more creative PR stunts we've heard of in recent months. The video below shows that the people kidnapped had a strange case of Stockholm syndrome; as you might expect if the result of you being abducted was that you were one of the first five people to play Alan Wake in Australia.

As a spokesperson for the 'kidnappers' admits, "They probably would have played it willingly - but it was more fun this way."

Above: Detainees werekept in solitary confinement and made to play a brand new videogame. Result!

You can find more images of the proceedings on the Xbox360AlanWake Flickr page.

And BTW - what game would you be most annoyed about being kidnapped to play?

May 12, 2010

I hate the 267.